Musikszene Krefeld

in den Sechzigern

Die Amateur-Bands

das Band-Puzzle umfasst bisher folgende Namen (Stand: Juli 2008)

Araminta Ditch
The Atlantics
The Attraction
The Black Barons
The Black Bats
The Black Birds
The Boots
The Butlers
The Caretakers
The Citybirds
The Danders
The Dustmen
The Dynamits
Electric Station
The Exploding Surprise
The Generals
The Highjackers
The Hunters
The Idea
The Jaguars
The Jet Blacks (bis 1965)
Jet Black (ab 1968)
The Kelty Brothers
The Last Pendence
Les Clochards
Les Etouiles Rouge
The Lions
The Outlaws
The Mysterians
Paddy and the Shamrock
The Phantoms
The Poor Churchmice
The Presents
The Quatermasters
The Queers
Representatives of Inelegance
Ricky and the Fountains
The Rocking Boogers
Rythm Rockers
Saint Victor's Skiffle Group
The Siskins
Smile Bluesgroup
The Spacewalkers
The Spootlights
The Springtimes
The Stringbeats
The Sunbeams
The Sun Beats
The Tigers
The Tombs
The United Five
The Vultures
The Wags
The Ws.